Was born on 23rd of March 1979 in the sun filled city of Odessa, where a sense of humor and an artistic lifestyle comes automatically with the release from the birth clinic. Before the graduation from both: high school and music school, between the choices of becoming an architect or musician, the first choice took over. Architecture is the music set in stone.

He Graduated from Odessa National Academy of Architecture in 2003 with master’s degree in architecture.
Began his career during the study period in 1999. The first projects involved some work for a chain of restaurants. The work was interesting and tasty. Once finished the government sponsored faculty, Worked in National Institute of Sciences. Later, was employed by “ITIS”- the architectural design company, where he perfected his technique of hand-drawn presentations by developing both architectural and interior designs for many elite houses.

His career’s next step was a project of a high-rise building in Yalta, which should be finished in 2010. Of course, the main inspiration during that time was the birth of his son Boris. The following step towards the professionalism was 1.5 years of development of an urban housing complex, which is rated as the most difficult type of a structure. That was the time of intense learning of rules and regulations of construction, collaboration with sub-contractors, and tough clients.

After such an intense training, conceptual development in an investment group was a gratifying act of inspiration and bravery. During the time that lasted for over a year, an enormous amount of interesting, large-scale architectural concepts. One of which was a crucial project for our city – the hi-speed tram public transport, it was approved by a municipal government of Odessa. Among others, there was an inner yard of the Municipal government building, the construction of which is almost at the stage of completion.

Always looking forward to being a part of a talented group of people, worthy critics, and unordinary project development tasks, which are well invested... and now a Freelance Architect.

tel: +38.067.518.42.53 | email: info@alekseyturchin.com